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IPSC Complex Tangkil Village, Citeureup, Sentul, Bogor, West Java 16810

Dining Hall

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Facilities at PMPP TNI

Auditorium at PMPP TNI

Commonly use for seminar, short learning activities, opening/closing courses ceremony and other activities.


Multipurpose Hall at PMPP TNI

Used for various activities organized by PMPP TNI, relevant agencies and communities that obtain a license to use.

Multipurpose Hall

Barracks of PMPP TNI

Accommodation for personnel to be deployed to the mission area, as well as personnel engaged in training activities related to peacekeeping operations.


Dining Hall of PMPP TNI

Dining facility for personnel engaged on peacekeeping training activities as well as personnel to be deployed.

Dining Hall

class facility

moderate room size, equipped with advanced & convenient instruments in order to create a conducive learning environment

Medium Class

class facility

Commonly used for small group discussion, with convenient instrument for conducive learning activities

Small Class

Lane training area at PMPP TNI

Training facilities designed for various activities related to peacekeeping exercises

Lane Training Area

shooting facilities

Secured area for shooting practice. Can be used to practice shooting various weapons

Shooting Range

sport facililties

Provided for maintaining the capabilities and physical fitness.

Sport Hall

medical facilites

Health services for personnel in the PMPP TNI area, equipped with adequate medical personnel, and medicines.

Medical Clinic

swimming facilities

Olympic size pools, provided to maintain personnel capability on water

Swimming Pool